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The Time Is Now

Fall 2022 sermon series.

Fall Sermon Series

Have you ever asked yourself – What in the world is going on? 

It sometimes feels as if our world is spiraling out of control. Are we living in the last days? Is the return of Christ near? And if so, how are we as God’s people to live?  

These are some of the questions we are going to wrestle with in our Fall teaching series – THE TIME IS NOW!

Weekly Sermon Notes

Each week we'll post the sermon notes + helpful resources to dig deeper into our study in 1 Peter, beyond the Sunday service.

These resources can be a helpful addition to your personal devotions or a great discussion tool to use in your home/small groups meetings in homes.

Campus Bathurst

Each week Pastor Laird's sermon notes will be posted in time for Sunday's message, so you can print at home and follow along in-person or while watching the live stream service at home.

Campus North

Download, print and mark-up Pastor Rob's sermon notes each week, so that you can track alongside his message in real-time. You'll have Rob's thoughts on one concise page. The only thing we don't give you is a highlighter and Pastor Rob's Bible!

Weekly Discussion Resources

Small Groups

Whether you're part of a small group/home group or simply doing personal devotions at home, our weekly Discussion PDF from the pastors will help you dig deeper into our study in 1 Peter in our Fall series.