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Campus Worship

Sundays at Aurora and Bradford

Worship at The Campus Church

Praise is declaring who God is and thanking Him for what He has done in our lives. It's a posture of 'declaring' His works and faithfulness to the nations (Psalm 100:4). When someone does something extraordinary, we share it instantly on social media to our friends and networks. That same act of 'telling others' of God's faithfulness in our lives needs to be a core of what we share.

When we worship God through songs and music, the less we do, the better. Different than 'praise' - worshipping God is a time when we want to hear from God. It's an act of listening and receiving.

We we praise another person, our lips our moving...our voice is audible, our posture is one of 'giving' and affirming. When we worship God, we give Him room, time and space to speak...and in those moments, He affirms us...He convicts us...and He gives us His presence through the Holy Spirit. And our response should be one of gratitude, action, boldness, connection and agreement to go where He leads us, and to minister to those He prompts us to be a friend and a light to each day.

Worship prompts change and response. It's a time to enjoy the goodness of God, to be in awe, wonder, amazement, and thankful that the very God who made the universe desires a personal relationship with us as Believers. You can worship in your car, in the kitchen, at the gym with headphones on, and at work at your desk. It's not about music...it's about giving God the space to move in your life, and inviting Him to fill the places that the world can't fill.

We look forward to seeing you at church on Sunday's for our worship services!

If you'd like to explore joining the worship band, and you play an instrument or sing, click the 'SERVING' card below and fill out the worship band section of the form.