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Giving that supports our Missions programs and community outreach.

Missions Sunday Update

A big thank you to Campus North and Bathurst for giving intentionally, sacrificially and joyfully to our missions offering this past Sunday. To date God has used our obedience to raise $35,000! 

It’s not too late to help us to reach the $43,000 goal. 

You can continue to give to Missions by checking out the Ways to Give below.


As disciples of Jesus, we can help to make other disciples, both locally and globally through our giving and prayer. God is good and we are confident he will provide for all of our needs. 

Ways to Give:

When you give to Missions, you give to God's work, and He multiplies it to meet the needs of many! There are many ways to support our goal of $43,000 this year:

Fall 2020 Details

Mission Matters:

As you may be aware, we had to postpone our annual spring Missions offering due to COVID regulations.

However, we are now excited to advise that our Missions Special Offering for this year will occur on Sunday October 25 at our North Campus and Sunday November 1 at our Bathurst Campus. There will be terrific music, and special talks about the impact of World wide missions from 2 of our missionaries: Larry Janzen, and Alison. We prayerfully and financially supported Alison for 13 years while she ministered in South Asia. Larry and Marbi Janzen we have supported during their time in Mexico, and South America. We are still part of their support team as they partner with Avant in training missionaries.

We ask that you prayerfully consider what you can offer financially to aid us in supporting our missionaries in the coming year. Currently, we support the following missionaries:

  • Mel Kollar ( Youth Unlimited) 
  • Teen Challenge  
  • Crossworld ( Mark and Anita Cassidy )
  • Avante Ministries ( Larry and Marbi Janzen) 
  • AGC Church planting

The total funds needed are $43,000. We would like to add on two new ministries in January: Canadian Youth Network, recommended by our two Pastor Robs, and Global Disciples, recommended by Frances Wilson. Canadian Youth network supports youth pastors in many different ways and Global Disciples train Africans to reach out to people in their own villages with The Good News of Christ. Both organizations have made presentations to the Missions Committee and have followed up with Zoom calls. We on the Committee are very excited at the possibility of partnering with these new (to us) ministries. As you can see, we cannot do this without your support.  

Our current Missions Committee consists of: Cynthia Martin, Abby, Reist, June Perea, Carolina Perea, Klaus and Lenore Hintz, Alison, Tina Weidelich, and Laura Roome, chairlady.

Please feel free to email us by clicking here and scroll down to find out how to give.

Laura Roome, Missions Chairwoman