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Sunday mornings at 10am on Zoom

Sunday Mornings - Virtual Kids ROCK!

What’s the difference between a “normal” Kids ROCK program and a “virtual” Kids ROCK program? To be honest – not a lot.  

  • The content/material is exactly the same – the same PPT presentation is used
  • The leaders are exactly the same
  • The participants are exactly the same
  • The classroom interaction is very different :) but still a whole lot of fun!

Parents - if you need the password to login and aren't already on Pastor Sherry's email updates list, please email her directly at sherry@the-campus.ca.

Additional Material

The resources below are free to access at home during the week anytime! If you complete the Campus Kids material provided and are looking for more ways to learn about God during the week with your family, feel free to check them out below!

More Resources:

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