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Campus Groups - North

Get connected to people who love Jesus and love you.

Campus Groups - Stronger together.

We want to invite everyone who calls Campus North their home to join a small group. It is in our groups where we are given opportunities to grow beyond Sunday mornings. Together we'll study the Bible, share life experiences, support each other in prayer, and grow closer to Jesus.

Find a Campus Group

Life has been hard since the middle of March, 2020 – we were created for community and many of us have found it difficult not being together on Sundays, and in our Campus Groups.

Before our Campus Groups start meeting again we want to be sure that everyone’s comfort level is supported. Below you will find a survey we have made that will help us ensure that everyone is able to find a group that matches their comfort level surrounding our current situation. Based on the results of the survey we may have some Campus Groups who are ready to meet again in person and some who want to continue meeting virtually via Zoom. You may not end up in the same group you were part of last year–if your Host/Leader is ready to meet in person but you aren’t, then you will be able to join a group that will be meeting virtually.


Please complete the survey below. If you have already spoken with someone regarding home groups, please fill out the survey anyways!