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Agents of Hope

Join the Campus Church Care Campaign as we Call4 and care for people in our community.

Watch the video and join us as we Call4.

Campus Church Care Campaign (C4)

As the Campus Church, we have always wanted to be seen as one of the community’s greatest assets. Being salt and light in this world is something that is always very important for Christians, but perhaps now more than ever. Covid 19 has brought confusion, fear, anxiety and confusion to where we live, work and play. God is expecting that we as his people bring His hope to people in need. It is our responsibility but also our privilege to intentionally care for people and to represent Jesus in this way.

Here’s the Campus challenge:

Our challenge is for every Campus person to weekly reach out to 4 people. Two people from our Campus church family, and two un-churched people who need to understand God’s love for them. Prayerfully consider who God wants you to care for. They are the ones who need you to be an agent of God’s hope in the next few months.

Here’s how it looks:

Weekly, call two people from the church and ask two questions:

  • How are you doing?
  • How can I pray for you

Weekly, call two un-churched people and ask two questions:

  • How are you doing?
  • How can I support you during this time?

Over the upcoming weeks, keep calling these same people and provide encouragement and hope for them. Just think how powerfully God can use four phone calls a week. Who knows what fruit he will produce from these conversations! 

There could be at least two by-products coming out of this campaign. By doing this, we can be assured that our church family is encouraged and cared for. No one gets left behind! But also, by doing this, we can plant seeds of hope in the hearts of those who don’t know God. They can experience his care through us.

Do you want to be an agent of hope? Take up the C-4 challenge!

Here are some FAQ’s

Do these people need to know this is a Campus campaign? 

No, in fact it might be better if they didn’t. But if they do, we need to explain that at the Campus we want to care for people with intentionality and sincerity.

Can this be done as a family?

Most certainly.

Can children do this with other children?

Absolutely, with their parent’s permission and oversight.

Can teenagers contact other teenagers?

They probably are already, but most definitely.

What if my friends ask for help and I am not sure how to follow through?

Well, just call one of the church staff and we would be happy to help you think about how you could be an agent of hope for that person.

How long will this take me?

It depends on how talkative you are, but generally about 5-10 minutes a phone call. 

How long will this campaign last?

Until the meeting ban is lifted, or you feel led by God. You may even want to continue this indefinitely. It is exciting to be used by God as an agent of hope.

How can we keep track of what God is doing through us?

On our website we have a section called “stories of hope”. We would love to hear about what God is doing in you and through you during this time. Email and fill us in on how God has used you to be an agent of hope.

In addition, if you are part of a Campus small group, you can encourage others in your group with how God is impacting people’s lives during this pandemic. Perhaps you can have a C4 update at every group meeting.

God wants to use you in this time of uncertainty. God wants to use us as a church to be agents of hope. Throughout history God has used the church to be a bright light in a dark place. During this pandemic people are more open to God than they may usually be. This is an opportunity to lovingly be the kind of church that is needed by the community.


Will you take the C4 challenge? 

Be an Agent of Hope!

For more info, email: and ask to speak with Jen Reist.