Oftentimes, the word “membership” is interpreted as meaning “exclusive.” At The Campus, we describe membership as becoming a loved and valued part of a family where members are committed to each other as they journey spiritually together. Membership at The Campus means covenanting with others whose hearts resonate with this church family’s expression of our calling to love and serve God and people. Seeking church membership is, in part, a declaration that we are moving from being a consumer to being an investor; that we are joining not simply the community of Christ, but the cause of Christ.When we become members we are submitting to spiritual authority and welcoming genuine accountability in our spiritual journeys. When we become members we are making a commitment to allow God to work in and through us as we invest our service, our resources and our relationships for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Our process for becoming a member is relational and is designed to be both informative and equipping in nature. If you are interested in seeking membership at The Campus Bathurst, please send an email to