What to Expect

Thank you for visiting The Campus Church website.  We are a community of Christ followers learning to love and serve God and people.  We hope that you find us to be a community that demonstrates the love and mercy of Jesus.  If you are wondering what you can expect when you visit with us on a Sunday, each of our sites serves the communities closest to them and are similar in style yet there is some uniqueness in some areas.  Please check out each one of our location pages for more information.  You can choose a site by selecting a location on the link at the top of the page. Below you can get a general sense of what to expect on a Sunday morning at all of our locations.


The Campus Church is a Community of Christ followers learning to love and serve God and people.  In our main services on a Sunday morning, we aim to live this out by loving God through our worship in music and prayer and continuing to learn during our times of teaching and scripture reading.

We hope that you will find our people and space to be inviting and comfortable for you as you join us.  Our worship is very contemporary with a full band and worship leader.  The teaching is strongly biblically based as we look to take the timeless truths in the bible and teaching of Jesus relating them to our current daily lives and circumstances.



Join us in the Campus|Cafe for a coffee, tea or some water.  We value community and friendship at The Campus Church so take some time to get to know someone new.  If you have any questions speak to one of our welcome team in a purple shirt or with a lanyard and they would love to help you and point you in the right direction.  


We value kids at The Campus Church and a lot of effort is put into making sure your children are cared for and that they have a great time in our Campus|Kids program while learning the truths of the message of Jesus. Anyone wearing a Campus|Kids t-shirt would be delighted to assist you Checking-in children or answering any questions you may have. 

Children receive a printed name tag when they are checked-in before the service.  The adult checking the children in will get a pick-up tag with a matching randomly generated code.  If the adult is needed during the program the code will appear on the screen in the Auditorium.

Once checked-in Infants and Pre-schoolers may go directly to their room before the service begins.  Kindergarden – Grade 5 students participate in engaging worship as a family in the Auditorium.  About 10 minutes into the service Children will be invited to go meet their leaders by the Campus|Kids sign.  The leaders will take all the children together to the Campus Kids program by the check-in area.  Each Sunday Children will be taught a Bible story with age appropriate activities.  At the end of the service the adult will need to present the pick-up tag at the Campus|Kids Check In/Out area.

Our great Campus|Kids programming doesn’t stop on Sunday mornings.  We also have a fantastic weeknight event called Awana where the kids can continue their learning and growth in a fun and engaging environment.  Each summer The Campus also hosts a summer Day Camp program for our children.  It is run at our Bathurst site with amazing experiences including rock climbing, archery, a low ropes course and much more.  All this with engaging bible teaching makes for a fun summer adventure.

PCO Home Groups - Green Square


Bible Study should be an integral part of a Christian’s life. However, many people neglect this option as a tool for spiritual growth. How can Bible Study help us grow spiritually? It’s in Bible Study that you’re able to ask questions, hear different views or interpretations consecutively, and participate in a mid-week fellowship.

In our Campus Home Groups you can find a mix of people of different ages and stages of life.

Some have been Christ-followers for years, some are new believers just beginning their walk with Christ, and others are still just checking things out. You will have a chance to ask questions, to encourage and care for people through the highs and lows of life, and to serve people in our community who could use a helping hand.

If you are interested in connecting into a Home Group, please email info@the-campus.ca for Home Groups.