PCO Home Groups - Green Square


A community of Christ followers learning to love and serve God and people.


  • To draw people to Christ as Saviour;
  • Learn from Him as Teacher;
  • Follow Him as Lord;
  • And live for Him with purpose


Campus Groups are all about helping individuals to grow spiritually deep through Bible study, prayer and the development of meaningful and supportive relationships with others who desire the same transformation. Campus groups bring like-minded people together to study the Bible, pray and connect in a spiritually refreshing and encouraging community. Together we draw close to God and discover the depths of His love and plan for our lives.

In our Campus Groups you can find a mix of people of different ages and stages of life. Some have been Christ-followers for years, some are new believers just beginning their walk with Christ, and others are still just checking things out. You will have a chance to ask questions, to encourage and care for people through the highs and lows of life, and to serve people in our community who could use a helping hand.

If you are interested in connecting into a Campus|Group, please clink the link to our Campus|Groups Directory to find one that would fit you.  If you have further questions or would like some additional help finding the right group please email


We’re finalizing details and information.   More will be posted soon.


We’re finalizing details and information.   More will be posted soon.